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Aug. 31, 2009
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About Us

Linux World Auction was officially founded in 2009 in order to serve the ever popular Linux OS, and the growing numbers of those using Linux. This site was created to allow hobbiest, novices, experts, and businesses, have a place to not only buy and sell Linux technology, but also a way of consulting. The Linux user world is a special group amongst technology, and have the flexibility of being able to create virtually any type of system required for any type of user, if they have the right skill and the right outlet of distribution. Linux World Auction is aimed at provided those users with a means of getting paid for their skills without having to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars to get their custom products seen by other users that may need them.

This site is intended to facilitate Linux users and Linux would-be vendors who have the talent, but have no audience to to sell the talent to. There are many SOHO's, small businesses, and even corporations looking for a way to get pre-installed Linux desktops, laptops, and servers from skilled Linux technologists. There also many novices and new users that just want to get a Linux computer that they can learn from, and fill some of their curiosities with. Linux World Auction is building the bridge between those that seek to use Linux, and those that wish to give to those who seek the ever growing OS.

If you are looking for Linux technology, albeit software , hardware, or accessories, put together by those who know the technology, Linux World Auction is the place for you! If you are a Linux technologists wanting to sell your skills to both the curious and experts who need your skills, look no further than Linux World Auction!

We offer a very secure, private auction structure that puts you at the wheel of your own products. You can even become your own vendor and open up a store right here on Linux World Auction. Our fees are the lowest around, and we provide you with a central location where Mac users can come to make cash by selling their old Mac items. Registration is free, so please feel free to register any time. We welcome you and your business here at Linux World Auction!

If you are looking for Mac items, please visit our sister site at Mac World Auction, and if you are looking for PC items, you can visit our other sister site PC World Auction.

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