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Aug. 31, 2009
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We take you and your business serious here at Linux World Auction, and we want to help you generate as much income as possible with your advertisements.

Advantage of Advertising with Linux World Auction:
  • Banners can be rotated across the entire site.
  • Banners can be targeted, if you choose, to an individual page or pages (our front page for example), or a specific category.
  • Our site is designed very well, and we ensure you that your banner stands out, while maintaining a high quality professional look when being displayed.
  • Unlike many sites, we display a single banner per page - guaranteed audience attention!
  • Our costs for advertising are absolutely the most affordable pricing you will see for advertising on a high quality, high traffic site, on the Internet today. We really are here to help you expose your business the right way.


Rate card for fixed page advertising

All categories can be specifically bannered at the request of the buyer. You can also request no rotation and your advert will not be rotated with other banners for that page at a small extra fixed cost $100.00 extra per month. This means your banner is the only one that shows up in that category with no other banners rotating.

Rate card for rotating page advertising

Rates for rotating banners are quoted are US dollar, and based upon run-of-site (banners are shown only one at a time for maximum exposure for our advertising clients). Looping banners can be used to complement fixed page ads if desired, and are ideal for campaigns running over several months.

Rates are as follows:

Package 1: Sub - Category Banner Listing
1 month = $25.00 (Billing is automatically recurring)

This plan allows your banner to be rotated in one of the hundreds of sub-categories that we have. This allows you to target your audience looking for a very specific product.

Package 2: Home Page Category Banner Listing
1 month = $50.00
(Billing is automatically recurring)

This plan rotates your banner on the front page of our actual auction site. Though not as target specific as listing in sub-categories, your banner will be seen by everyone who enters our site.

Package 3: Home Page + Sub-Category Listing
1 month = $100.00
(Billing is automatically recurring)

This plan will allow everyone to see your banner who enters our site, as well as add placements into the category you are specifically marketing for. This package is for absolute maximum exposure.


Payment in full for either fixed or rotating ads is due at the start date of the campaign. We can start running the ads on confirmation of receipt of our invoice, and for those in a hurry, we are usually able to process the creative and place the banner on our site within 5 working days.

Banner details - the graphic, the text and the target URL

Linux World Auction uses standard banner sizes of 728 (width) by 90 (height) only. We advise that you keep your file size below 50k, so your banner loads quickly, before our page! Graphics may be JPG files or GIF files, static or animated (looping allowed). Please keep the content clean. Advertisers can also supply a few words of alt-text that can be displayed for text only browsers, or while the graphic is loading. A short, slogan is ideal.

Don't forget to supply us with a target web URL for the banner to point to!



Please contact our advertising department to place a banner or discuss your advertising needs further. After payment is made for one of our advertising packages, please send your professionally made 728x90 banner to, along with the sub-category you wish to be placed in if you have chosen package 1 or package 3, and any other specific information you think we should know before placing your banner. Please use the package you chose as the subject for the email. We will check our records for your purchase and place your banner in rotation immediately.

Terms & Conditions

Cancellation is possible, and we will happily refund outstanding impressions. Note however that early cancellation may result in the loss of volume discounts. ie if you purchase 6 months, but cancel after 1 month, expect to pay the 1 month rate-card rate for banners already served! Linux World Auction reserves the right to refuse unsuitable material, or cancel the campaign at short notice (catastrophic server failure for example) by refunding unused time.


If you do need a banner made, we recommend you try Banners Mall. Simply put, they are the best on the Internet, and will help you represent your business with quality. The turn around can be as fast as one day, and the quality is outstanding. Click the link below to be taken to their site.

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