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Aug. 31, 2009
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Frequently Asked Questions

A lifetime membership on our site is free, thought we do recommend before you do join you download The Computer World Auction Handbook (Coming Soon!). Our handbook contains all of the essentials you need to know in order to use this site effectively. Our handshake to you is that if you take the time to use our handbook effectively you will get the most out of your time spent on our site. We figure with that type of interest in doing good business, waiving your start up fee is the least we can do to show you we appreciate your business.

We are that serious about protecting your privacy and information from those who might use it in a criminal manner, and making every dollar you spend with us count. Nothing is 100% fool proof, however, a good deterrent is always the best place to start for security. As the old saying goes, "you get what you pay for". On the Internet, nothing is more true than that. Give our site a try, and you will definitely feel that it was money well spent.

Anyone who wants to buy, sell, or trade Linux products! It is also a good place for schools, businesses and other institutions who have a need to move rather larger numbers of Linux units at once. They can be auctioned here and the business or institution can make a profit moving their no longer needed Linux items, while also providing a great opportunity for buyers by helping to create a market of affordable Linux product offerings. It's a win, win for all involved!

Due to the central theme of this site, you will find that it is much easier to sell or buy Linux products here because there are no other items to confuse or distract you or your potential customers! Linuxworld Auction is a Linux product site only, and because of this, you will find that navigation, selling, and buying Linux products here is much more streamlined, efficient, and inviting to other Linux users! In short, you will sell your items faster here on Linuxworld Auction. We respect Ebay, for what they are and what they do, however they are in the field of general auctions and we are tailored to Linux products only. Our fees are also 50-75% lower in every category. We also do not have as many fees as Ebay. Check out our Fees section for details.

The answer is very! We take your privacy and the security of your information very seriously. This site uses web encryption to mask everything you do, so that potential violations of privacy are stopped in their tracks before anything could happen. Our site is as secure as current technology allows with encryption.

We use enhanced SSL support so that even the site's memberís area, the pages used for the selling process and several other pages will run through SSL.

We are also officially partnered with Escrow and have our Escrow account area available for use by members of this site. Click here for more information about how to use our Escrow account facility.

Your information is very safe here a Linuxworld Auction. The software we use to run this site has been developed with that as a priority before anything else. We do not use or violate user information/privacy in any way, nor do we tolerate those who do. We do not sell your information to spammers and scammers to make money, and anyone identified as a spammer or scammer will be removed and reported to the proper authorities immediately.

Linux World Auction is a Trust-Guard certified Internet company. Trust-Guard demands that any company certified under their seal abide by a very high level of standards concerning information privacy and ethics, and site security. They monitor our site constantly to ensure that we are playing by those rules and that your information is kept safe and confidential. We are security, privacy, and business verified by Trust-Guard. You can verify our status by clicking on our Trust-Guard seal at the foot of this site.

When you decide to open up a store you will get much better recognition than simply being a registered seller, and people will come to you for more than just one item. Also, you can set your own price and have users buy outright rather than bid on a product. This may enable you to move the products you are trying to sell much quicker!

We recommend it if you absolutely want sell your item and get the quickest response! Verification will absolutely have an effect on who will buy your items. As a verified member you have a 60-80% better chance of selling your items than those who did not take the time to become verified. Verification is recommended to those who want to really sell successfully and project confidence to potential buyers. We monitor the activities of verified members to ensure that our customers are indeed getting the treatment they deserve from members who decide to project the image of doing good business. We ensure they are doing just that.

Here at Linux World Auction, we take your transactions very seriously. We want you to have the best experience you can selling and buying items from our site. The addresses listed below will help give you peace of mind that you buying or selling from someone you can trust. Please use the links below to verify your buyer's or seller's email and mailing address. This will greatly help reduce fraudulent transactions and increase the safety of your transaction, whether buying or selling.

Click here to verify a members email address.
Click here to verify a members mailing address.

There is a link available after you have registered and login to this site at the bottom of all the other links on that page to do so. It reads "report abuse".

For site fees there is only Paypal or credit card. For buyer to seller there are the following:

All of these electronic forms of payment are secure and keep your personal information out of the reach of potential threats. All are highly recommended and used by members of this site. Paypal is our #1 recommended solution for good overall general use. We use it, and they do have their own resolution center, and provide buyer protection. Our Escrow account can also be used for bigger transactions that require a middle-man to monitor the transactions and ensure that buyer and seller are protected via manual user intervention from an Escrow representative..

If you are looking for Mac items, please visit our sister site at Mac World Auction, and if you are looking for PC items, you can visit our other sister site PC World Auction! If you are looking for the base site to our company, please visit our parent site, Computer World Auction. We are sure between the three sites, any computing need you have can be met. These sites have been separated for the purpose of providing our users with a clear and concise buyer/seller interface. Computer World Auctionwas created to provide a central location for technologists, buyers, sellers, computer enthusiast, and anyone else seeking computer technology. We feel that a site specifically catering to specific technologies makes for a much better experience than one trying to be everything to everyone. We know you'll agree with us once you visit each site. If you are looking for a starting point, we recommend you visit Computer World Auction!

Simply put, your account will be terminated and your email and username will be banned. This is done in order to protect our customers, and the product integrity of this site.

Following these few simple rules will ensure you make the right decision and purchase from the right members:

  1. Purchase from verified members. This cannot be stressed enough. Verified members are going the extra mile to let you know that they can be trusted and they will deliver.
  2. Check your sellers reputation. A sellers reputation is a good gauge of the type of business they are doing and what others think of the way they do business.
  3. Purchase from members who have taken the time to upload a photo of their Linux items. Doing so will let you see the true condition of the item before purchase.
  4. Read the descriptions of the product before you purchase it. Then read it again. Be sure that you know exactly what you want, and make sure the description matches that.
  5. Ask the seller questions. Inquire to the seller about the item you wish to purchase. If you get a reply, general you are dealing with someone who wants to do good business.
  6. Know what you want to purchase before you purchase an item.

The fees provide this site the funding necessary to run. There are expenses running a business, and all businesses must make some type of income to survive. There is no regular monthly fee due by non-verified members, and we believe strongly that our auction fees can accommodate everyone who wants to buy, sell, or trade Linux products. These fees also help us pay for marketing and the staff that goes with running a successful business that provides users with great (good is not enough) customer service! Our manned support center and affiliate program are two examples of this. Quality costs, even on the Internet. Our fees also help our company pay for advertising, which translates into more exposure for both buying and selling members of this site. We use flat fees here so that there are no surprises when selling an item. We use flat fees here so that there are no surprises when selling an item. We want you to get the most out of your sale, and we believe that taking a percentage of a big sale you make is not the way we want to do business, nor does it help you get the most you can for your item. Linuxworld Auction wants you to buy, and sell, all while getting the most for the items you have. So we apply very low, flat fees to our auction setup costs, which we believe will give you an incentive to sell more, sell often, and sell big! Remember, our fees our on average 70-80% less than Ebay's, so you will save and make more selling your Linux item here no matter what you sell.

Here is a brief explanation of some of our optional user fees:

Optional Fees

  • Additional Category Fee USD 1.00 - This fee is only applied if you decide you want to list your item in more than one category, which in turn gives you a better chance of having your item being seen.
  • Bold Item Fee USD 2.50 - This fee, much like the highlighted item fee, will bring a little more attention to your item in a list of items, as it will bold your item, and help it to stand out amongst other items in the same category list.
  • Highlighted Item Fee USD 3.50 - This fee is only applied if you decide you want your item highlighted amongst all of the other items in a certain category, which brings even more attention to your item than it being bold, and helps it stand out from the items in the same category.
  • Category Featured Fee USD 7.50 - This fee is only applied if you decide you want to have your item featured in a certain category. Featured category items stand out by being in a headline for that category. They are in their own list and do not have to compete for attention within that category as they are the first thing customers see within that category.
  • Home Page Featured Fee USD 10.00 - This fee is only applied if a member decides, during the setup process of selling an item, to have the item listed on the very front page of the site. This gives your item the most attention possible, as it is on the front page of the site and will be the first thing anyone (member or not) sees when they come to Linuxworld Auction. Your item will stand out on its own, making for a much easier sell, due to the item being seen by all visitors to this site. This is absolutely the best way to get an item sold quickly.

    All of the aforementioned fees are 100% optional to the user, and the user must initiate these fees per item if they so choose to. These are not mandatory fees and are not imposed on members at any time. These optional fees are set to give each member a distinct competitive advantage selling their items, and tend to work best when the member is a verified seller with a good reputation, as it projects the most confidence from the seller to the buyer.

    Store fees are set in order to help facilitate the need for those who want to actually open up their own store here at Linuxworld Auction. There is no better way to sell your items, especially if you have many, than opening up a store. Simply put, a verified store owner will keep selling, and the amount of customers they sell to will continue to grow. A store front projects confidence to the buyer, while at the same time, giving the seller a unique identity on the site. A good verified store owner will sell what they have to sell regardless of what it is. The fees for these stores are flat, and are set on the amount of items each type of store can have. These fees will not go up, and allow any store owner to make the most of what it is that they do sell, whether that is 10 items or 1000!

    There are generally a couple of rules you should follow:

    1. Always be honest about the condition of your product. Not doing so will get you a bad reputation swiftly on this site.
    2. Price accordingly. Do not try to price gouge. Remember the lowest price for the best product will usually win the buyers interest.
    3. Deliver your product on time. Whatever method of product delivery is chosen by your customer, deliver as promised.
    4. Verification. This is probably the most important mentioned in this list. This lets your buyers know that you are who you say your are and that they can trust you to deliver. 99% of the time, a verified member will sell an item faster than those who are not.
    5. Use photos of your products. You will sell much faster, whatever the item, if the customer can see it's condition.
    6. Open a store front. The stores allow you to give yourself a unique presentation to what it is you have to offer, and customers will respond to you more as a merchant, than just an individual selling items. This gives you the distinct advantage of creating somewhat of an inventory of things to sell for your customers to view. It also keeps the items you are selling much more organized, making it easy for your customers to select which item they want.

    Following these rules should make selling your Linux items a breeze! Good luck!

    The wanted ads section of this site is used to allow buyers to broadcast requests to the sellers, and let them know what they want. This is where people will specify exactly what they are looking for, and it is up to the potential sellers to fulfill their needs. This is a great section of this site to send your friends and family to, who do not want to sell Linux items, but are looking for an inexpensive way to acquire one. There will always be a seller who can meet the needs of any of the want ads on this site. So let all of your friends and family know that we have this option available so that they can get started using that new Linux!

    Above all we recommend Firefox! It is, in our view the best browser there is. It is also the one browser that seems to work flawlessly with all facilities and functions of this site. Click here to download!

    Absolutely! We recommend you take the time to get verified, and acquire a source that is constantly turning around their retired Linux products. You could buy the items and sell them here using our store front that is provided. We will not make the claim (nor should any website) that you will get rich doing so, or magically make enough to acquire a Lamborghini, however, there is no limit to what you can make here at Linuxworld Auction. That limit is 100% set by how much time you want to put into selling Linux items that people want. We are constantly pursuing aggressive marketing, so that there are more members signing up here everyday! We will continue to do this to help both buyers and sellers achieve what it is they want to achieve. Overtime we expect all of our members to enjoy selling and buying from thousands, and even millions, of other Linux users. We are aiming at being the biggest online Linux auction site in the world.

    Your reputation on this site works just as it does in the real world! When people purchase from you, they will rate you with a rating of 1 to 5 stars letting the rest of the users on this site know how dependable you are when it comes to delivering the goods as promised in a timely manner. If you develop a good reputation people will be much more likely to buy from you again, and again. Couple that with your own store created on this site, and you have a growing business based on how you serve your customers!

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